Measuring Social Media Success With IFM- It is no secret that a social media presence is vital to the overall success of any business. You must have come across numerous business success stories testifying the significant role that social media played in achieving success. However, social media is not a privilege best left only to the big brands. In fact, if you want to make a big brand out of your business, harnessing the steadfast potential of social media is imperative.

At Infrastructures For Marketing (IFM), we take your business to the next level by helping you manage valuable business resources with ease. We help you create a favorable environment for business growth by combining the knowledge and experience of our skilled professionals with modern marketing strategies and state of the art technologies.

The Significance Of Social Media In Marketing

Marketing is simply promoting your business and increasing the sales of your products and / or services through various promotion techniques. There are various methods in which one can market their business; however, in this modern, competitive world, one of the easiest and the most effective marketing techniques is social networking.

Over the last six years, the world’s online population has doubled and today, one third of the global population uses the internet. Additionally, social networking ranks as the top online activity among all internet users. With such a significant number of people flocking towards social media, these sites are a favorable platform for marketing activity.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, etc., are some of the better known social networking websites among the hundred others present in the online world. With such a vast platform, marketing your business online with the use of effective tactics is sure to make at least the smallest amount of difference to your business.


Measuring Social Media Success

When a business makes use of social media for marketing, it is essential to measure its impact on the company’s performance. IFM helps you measure social media success with the help of technological aids.

Measuring social media success encompasses a broad range of activities and strategies; however, we do have three main areas of work.

  1. We actively monitor your social networking platforms.
  2. The content that you share through social media is tracked regularly.
  3. We study the impact that your social activity creates on your business, whether it is about tracking a specific post or whether we have to analyze multiple profiles in a single report.

IFM sets up a matrix that enables us to track your social media content. With the help of this matrix, we able to determine who is following you and what they do with the information they receive about you through social networking.

Ensuring that we use only the best technology, our social media success measuring strategies enable you to gain insight into your company’s visibility on social platforms. It also allows you to identify areas of improvement by providing you with results on what works and what doesn’t.

It is thus safe to conclude that IFM offers you a service that presents a detailed and holistic view of your social media performance. With IFM, visualizing the impact of social media on your business is easy.